System Design

Personally Designed

All of our sound systems are designed personally by our Managing Director Craig Buckley. Craig has worked in the professional audio industry his entire professional life including ten years with BOSE Corporation, where he was UK Professional Division manager, and ten years as owner and MD of RW Salt Communications Ltd, one of the UK’s biggest and most respected professional audio wholesale distributors. During his time with RWS Craig was trained to design and use products from all of the World’s major manufacturers.

Our design goal is always quality and simplicity, we aim to provide great looking and great sounding systems that are extremely easy to use and that offer great reliability. We work with the biggest manufacturers in the business to give our customers peace of mind that they are investing in products that look and sound great, that carry long warranties and that are all time and track proven.

Spin Systems

In recent years SPIN has taken off in a big way and as such the pressure on the audio system has increased dramatically as classes have become louder and much more dynamic. The requirement for great bass response from the system is now paramount as is high energy clear mid and high frequency performance. Simply put modern spin systems need to ‘cut it’ like never before.

Tidy AV have been designing and installing the very best quality Spin systems for our clients since the day we opened for business but in the past couple of years we have worked with our clients to increase the specification, the sound quality and the durability of our spin systems to provide the very best sounding systems in the country that will work day in day out. We have developed bespoke control systems that give instructors easy reach access to the most important control aspects of the system. Our systems are loud, have the very best bass performance but retain superb vocal clarity for the instructor. However dynamic your class our systems will keep up the pace!

We also provide fully automated projection systems for virtual spin systems and are proud to have worked with Les Mills on some of their spin studio projects.